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18 Juli 2024
Lagerbäck to South Africa despite World Cup debacle

Lagerbäck to South Africa despite World Cup debacle

Publicerad: 2009-10-11

Despite Sweden failing to make the finals of the World Cup 2010 there is light at the end of the tunnel for trainer Lars Lagerbäck. Lagerbäck's dismal, miserable track record at the helm of the national side has made Sweden, who won a bronze medal in the 1994 US finals, become the laughing stock of European football. Lagerbäck who resigned on Sunday after a humiliating loss against arch rivals Denmark, sources at the Swedish Football Association say that a hastily convened meeting has unanimously voted to give Lagerbäck 'the ultimate' going-away-present and a fitting recognition to all he has failed to achieve under his 11-year mandate.
Chairman Lars-Åke 'Toady' Agrell has been in touch with the South African government as well as the curators of Robben Island where Nelson Mandela spent 27 years languishing on the island prison.
- Lagerbäck was so much looking forward to going to South Africa and now he's going! He'll be occupying the cell next door to Mandela's. They are busy making a lock as prison warders had a habit of locking the door and then throwing away the key.

- We have stated that we don't mind if they throw this new key away too!, commented Lars-Åke.

Henrik 'Henke' Larsson's face lit up as he was informed of Lagerbäck's 'tack för allt' present.
- Lasse rang me last week weeping down the phone and begging me to join the team for one last match. I said to him that he can't expect me to save Sweden's arse every time he makes crappy team choice! I've got a whole load of Marvel comics I was going to chuck out, but Lasse can have them instead, said Larsson.
Zlatan 'Legs' Ibrahamovic was unavailable for comment and was reportedly still trying to find South Africa on a world map.

Lagerbäck's new home on Robben Island.
Lagerbäck's new home on Robben Island.


Rupert Duncan-Smythe

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