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18 Juli 2024
Tarras-Wahlberg gagged

Tarras-Wahlberg gagged

Publicerad: 2009-09-03

Elizabeth Tarras-Wahlberg, former Director of the Press and Information Department at the Swedish Royal Court, was found gagged in her home early yesterday. Police were called to Tarras-Wahlberg's flat in Stockholm's Old Town after neighbours complained of a 'fishy' smell coming from her appartment.

The door was forced and Tarras-Wahlberg was discovered sitting very comfortably on a period Louis XV sofa, although gagged with silver duct tape; duct tape that also bore King Carl XVI Gustaf's coat of arms. On further investigation, and with police wearing breathing apparatus, it was found that the complete contents of a barrel of sur-strömming had been poured on to Tarras-Wahlberg's bed.

An investigation is underway and the incident is thought to be linked to the revelations that Tarras-Wahlberg has signed a lucrative contract with TV4 as an 'expert commentator' for the upcoming royal wedding next year. Not only will Tarras-Wahlberg be providing 'juicy' tid bits from her time behind the scenes at the royal palace and giving a unique glimpse of what goes on behind closed doors. She also has the TV coverage of Princess Madeleine's wedding to look forward to. However, there have been 'royal rumblings' and sources say that the monarch is more than troubled by the possibility of Tarras-Wahlberg spilling more than just one bean about life behind the solid oak doors of the royal palace.

Police investigators are baffled as to why the silver tape that was used to 'shut her up' bore the royal coat of arms or why a barrel of sur-strömming was emptied on to her bed. Two Säpo agents were seen in the area acting suspiciously at the time but have been ruled out of the enquiry as they were 'off-duty' according to police officials.

- Anyone who has seen The Godfather are obviously drawing comparisons but a Mafia-like, or royal, link is not one we will be actively looking in to, said Karin Gökboet, chief of Stockholm police.

Tarras-Wahlberg, who refused to press charges was shaken, rather than stirred, from her ordeal.

- Jag har inga aning vem ligger bakom detta dåd. Jag är både arg och ledsen, said Tarras-Wahlberg.

An artist's impression of what the gag looked like.
An artist's impression of what the gag looked like.


Rupert Duncan-Smythe

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Svenskbladet på engelska is the shit.

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