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20 Juni 2024
Lagerbck's new home on Robben Island.
Lagerbck's new home on Robben Island.

Lagerbck to South Africa despite World Cup debacle

› Lagerbck to South Africa despite World Cup debacle. Despite Sweden failing to make the finals of the World Cup 2010 there is light at the end of the tunnel for trainer Lars Lagerbäck.

Meal fit for a Kling

› Meal fit for a Kling. Simon Kling, vice-CEO of Acta, the Norwegian rental property management company has been sent a mystery package to his home in Täby, on the outskirts of Stockholm.

Tarras-Wahlberg gagged

› Tarras-Wahlberg gagged. Elizabeth Tarras-Wahlberg, former Director of the Press and Information Department at the Swedish Royal Court, was found gagged in her home early yesterday.

Pink gets the Red card

› Pink gets the Red card. There is speculation that the final of the European Women's Football Championships could be in jeopardy as sweeping changes in the basic rules of womens' football are introduced next year.

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